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Carl Akeley in his studio, American Museum of Natural History, 1926, Digital Special Collections, American Museum of Natural History, ID: 311654, http://lbry-web-007.amnh.org/digital/index.php/items/show/66185


HEAR UR is a podcast series created by students at the University of Rochester. As alternative to the traditional history paper, the show offered students a platform for the creation and dissemination of historical research for broad, public audiences.

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First, thank you to our professional guests who skyped into our class, or came to Rochester to share their expertise in podcasting and radio production: Lillian Cunningham, Max Linsky, Jim Briggs, Rob Byers, and Peter Iglinsky.

Thank you to Bill Neal and Doug Norton for giving us a memorable tour of Wyoming, NY’s Village Hall, the building that Lydia Avery made, and the fantastic Ward’s collection.

The Hear UR team would like to thank Melissa Mead and the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Jennelle Hart created our logo for this season. Thank you for your help in shaping the “public face” of our show.

A huge thank you to Jacqui Rizzo, Kristi Pakusch and Sarah Murphy in the history department for their help keeping us on budget and in order.

Hear UR is made possible by a Teaching Innovation Grant from the University of Rochester’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Thank you to Stuart Jordan for your guidance and support.

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