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HEAR UR is a podcast series created by students at the University of Rochester. While introducing students to the basics practices of historical research, writing, and audio engineering, the show offers  an alternative platform for the creation and dissemination of historical research for broad, public audiences.


Thomas Fleischman and Stephen Roessner are the creators and executive producers of Hear UR. Coordinating producer for this season is William Gousios. Erin Francisco serves as our special advisor.

Our theme song for this season, “The Ferryboat Serenade,” was written in 1940 by Harold Adamson, Mario Panzeri and Eldo di Lazzaro. The recording for this season was arranged by Eleanor Lenoe, with performances from Elizabeth Tighe (vocals), Lauren Bayles (piano), Diarra Bell (bass), and Eleanor Lenoe (viola). Ethan Weinstein was the engineer.

A big thank you to Mayor Bill Johnson for agreeing to be interviewed for this podcast. The Hear UR team made numerous attempts to contact both Dominick Delucia and Brian Prince, but never heard a response. 

The production team at Hear UR would also like to thank the following people and organizations: Michelle Finn and The Rochester Public Library, Melissa Mead from Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of Rochester, Sandra Knispel and Sofia Tokar of Communications, and Janelle Hart. A special word of thanks to Colleen Law and WROC TV, Channel 8 Rochester, for providing the archival audio.

For more information on this season of Hear UR, including episodes, images, additional links, and transcripts, check out the season page.

Seasons one and two are available on the website, or on iTunes or Stitcher.

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